Turn your daughter's car into a smart car!

dondeEsta Car Protect your family when they are on the road
Our device easily integrates to your dondeEsta™ Family app

Plug & Play

Simply plug the device into their car's diagnostic port and start receiving data in your phone


Real time location
Know when she is driving and alert her if bad weather is coming

Get notified if your daughter leaves a safe zone previously defined

Your daughter made it home safely

Safety alerts!
Know when she has problems on the road, and the engine light turns ON

Towed away!
Oops, we'll notify you if the car is towed away

Speed limit
Get alerted if your kid is speeding. Coach your teen to be a safer driver
How does it work?

This is dondeEsta Car
dondeEsta Car is a small device that lets you be next to your family when they are driving. Everything from the same app dondeEsta Family. Buy now for only $99 + $7/monthly.

Plug & Play!
You'll receive the device within three days in your home.You can plug it! The dondeEsta Car plugs into the diagnostic port (OBD-II) standard in all cars since 1996.

Information to your phone
dondeEsta Car device is constantly sending information to your phone in real time. So you'll always have peace of mind when your family is on the road and you'll be the first to know if something goes wrong.

Protect your family!

The easiest way to be next to them, even when you can’t be in the passenger seat.

What families are saying

"She knows I am next to her, when she is on the road"
Mary, Boston, MA